Lysa Sarkis

Lysa is a painter and visual artist whose major topics are the Creation of Life, Light and Positive Energy which surround us.

From these come her lively, vibrating works with unpredictable and powerful coloured mobilities suggesting the vital links between the elementary particles of the infinitisimally small of atoms and the infinetely great of stars.

Her works by their chromatic and gestural power project us in her interstellar world which she wants energetic, happy and sparkling. The artist chooses on purpose to take us along in her enthusiastic vision of life.

She belongs to this generation of talents revealed by the Street Art, nourished by the same Pop Art references and the culture of Comics .

However, she remained linked to the workshop discipline without choosing the easy way of the Street Art.

In her artistic approach, there is a genuine manifesto for a humanistic and positive brotherhood. A message she want to be much denser than the famous Happy Art which references her emotional paintings in publications of Contemporary Art….In order to carry us towards a major reflection about where Life comes from, its primal and rough energy at the base of everything.

Her coloured and explosive universe has attracted a new generation of collectors. Thus her mode of expression based on a willingly positive vision is unmistakable and famous all around the world through her exhibitions in Museum or in galleries and within private collections.

Lysa Sarkis Worldwide

Permanent exhibition in De Medicis Gallery Paris, ProArt Gallery Dubaï, Théâtre Européen Paris.

Permanent exhibition in Kunming Museum – Yunan – China

Member of the Foundation Taylor

Member and Medalist of the french academy Arts-Sciences-Lettres

Grand Palais Paris-Art en Capital-Comparaison. Every year since 2012


Canvas and sculptures on set AmazonPrime series

Exhibition in De Medicis Gallery Paris


Solo show french Museum (Musee des Ecritures du Monde)

Auction Sales (HappyArt by Sarkis)

Artistic partnership with Olympia Hall Paris


Interview radio


Donation of a work for the Charity « Les Petits Princes » to help hospitalized children.


TEDx conference « L’Art fait du bien » Link UTube TEDx

Creation of the trophy for an upcoming MTV AWARDS


Exhibition in Not A Gallery Natacha Dassault Paris

Permanent exhibition of a wall fresco on facade of Théâtre Européen Paris


Solo show in Théâtre de l’Européen Paris

Spring solo show in Gallery Jamault Paris

Exhibition in Debut Contemporary London


Solo Show – Thomas Pink LVMH Group

Exhibition in Gallery Daylighted San Francisco

Exhibition in Schenzen for Cultural exchanges France/China


Art Osaka Japan

Solo Show PressClub of France

40th ARTEX Tokyo Japan

Exhibition in ProArt Gallery Dubaï


Select Fair Miami – Off Art Basel Miami

Solo Show Espace W31 Toulouse France

6th Beijing Spring Show-Yanhuang Art Museum

12th Toronto Art Expo

European Fair of Galicia Spain

36th ArtExpo New York


40th Artex New York

Autumn Fair Champs Elysées Paris

Papal Palace Maffei Marescotti Vatican